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You can submit your curbside order at any time. We'll check out your materials and let you know what day they'll be ready to pick up. The easiest way is to use our online catalog. The instructions are below, with screenshots at the right. If you are unable to do that, you can call us at 348-2899. Or if you want, stop by when we're staffed and knock on the door. We'll talk with you through the screen to get you what you need.

Checking Out Materials Online

Access our online catalog here

  1. You can scroll through the recently added titles. Clicking on the title will bring you to step 3.

  2. If you use search, be careful to spell titles and/or authors accurately. If it comes up empty try searching with slightly different parameters. The parameter of All Words as opposed to Author or Title sometimes gets better results.

  3. If the title you want is available, click the request hold button.

  4. Please put your phone number in the comment box if you prefer to be contacted by phone vs email.

  5. Success!

  6. We'll contact you to arrange pick up. Pick up must be during our normal operating hours.



As long as your device supports wireless printing, you can print from outside the building. We will need to communicate via email or 348-2899 to make specific arrangements. The cost is .25 per page.

Screenshot_2020-05-08 LibraryWorld OPAC

Step 1

Screenshot_2020-05-08 OPAC Standard Sear

Step 2

Screenshot_2020-05-08 OPAC Standard Sear

Step 3

Screenshot_2020-05-08 Welcome to Library

Step 4

Screenshot_2020-05-08 Welcome to Library

Step 5

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