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"Neuroscience and Nature: Finding Balance in Turbulent Times"


Both science and experience tell us that when humans are in relationship with the rest of nature, there are positive impacts.  Stress and anxiety go down.  Connectedness, awe, creativity, and wonder go up.  The planet benefits from gentler and more respectful human action.  Interaction with nature is always possible, even in colder and darker seasons--it just takes a little more creativity and intentionality.  Join us for an experiential webinar presented by Corie Washow to learn more about how a deeper relationship with nature can help the people and planet move through these turbulent times.  We’ll look at what neuroscience tells us about why and how this works, learn specific practices to deepen nature connection and well-being, and leave with extensive follow up resources with which to continue exploration throughout the coming months. 

Corie Washow is a practicing licensed counselor with over two decades of experience working in the social services and environmental education fields. She has advanced degrees in education from Lesley University and clinical mental health counseling from Antioch University New England. Specific training and practice in ecotherapy guides her current work.  She was born and raised outside of Chicago and has spent most of her adult life in Maine.


You can download the resources Corie mentions by clicking the pdf icons.
Or you can stop at the Library for printouts.

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